Around a year ago we made the decision to invest in a comprehensive legionella management system in order to provide a better service for clients and to make our own systems more efficient. After much research we opted for Zetasafe due to its simplicity of use and its legislative compliance capability.

Using a system like this has a range of advantages over a manual system. It allows us to:

  • Schedule and collect data using smartphones, tablets or PDAs
  • Manage the status of clients’ assets and monitor compliance via a personalised dashboard
  • Share business critical information via powerful reporting tools

We can also customise the system to create bespoke solutions for clients based on their own businesses and needs such as tailoring reports and dashboard views to provide exactly the data you need to see, reducing complexity and ensuring vital tasks are actioned in a timely manner.

Data collected by our engineers out on site can be accessed in real time by multiple users, including account managers here at Aquatrust and clients themselves, and we can collect a variety of data including written reports, readings and photographic evidence, providing a solid audit trail. Users can also communicate through the system which again, is fully documented.

Scheduling, reporting and monitoring all become automated, remaining effective and timely.

It all makes compliance a much easier process and of course preserves the integrity of the data through back-ups and safeguards (a hard copy log book is far too easy to lose or be damaged!).

Now that the system is up and running and working as we want it, all new clients automatically go onto it and 40% of our existing client base is already on there. We would like all of our clients to reap the benefits that Zetasafe brings and we’re hoping to move everyone over eventually. If you are a client and you’re not using it yet, please get in touch so we can start helping you in an even more efficient way!