Freedom of information request reveals 35% increase in cases of Legionnaire’s Disease

Statistics gathered for Legionella Awareness Day on 30th August through freedom of information requests, has revealed that 1300 cases of Legionnaire’s Disease have been reported in the UK since 2014. The areas worst affected are Greater Manchester, Greater London and Nottinghamshire. This represents a 35% increase in the last year. See the story here.

The purpose of putting these statistics together is to highlight the issue, which many members of the public are relatively unaware of, and encourage members of the general public to demand that the organisations and businesses that they use demonstrate their commitment to the control of legionella.

Organisations such as schools, hospitals, care homes, leisure centres, hotels – all the kinds of places that we frequent regularly – are answerable to the public in terms of how they provide a safe environment. As children, the sick and the elderly are at particular risk from legionella it reinforces how important it is that they take their responsibilities seriously.

The campaign urges people to engage with the organisations that they use to ask about their legionella control systems and that the organisations be forthcoming with information to reassure their customers, students, patients etc that they are dedicated to keeping them safe.

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