So, the end of March 2020 a great year for us operationally. 

The down side is obviously the interruption to business we are all experiencing at the moment. We are already in a position where all of our office staff are working from home and we have furloughed some, but not all of our engineers.

We have assessed the water systems we look after and made the decision to continue servicing those which present most risk or where our clients have expressed a wish that we continue to maintain their premises so that the water systems continue to operate within the correct operating parameters.

The main thing here, a bit like legionella control is that we minimise the risk by keeping as many personnel at home as we can. For those that remain out and about on site they have ppe and a safe working practice for carrying out their work.

We will be back out servicing in full as soon as it is possible to do so.

We have disinfection chemical and fogging machines on hand and we can help with disinfecting your properties before they need to be brought back into use. We can carry out disinfection of water systems and start-up procedures so that these systems can operate whilst minimising the risk. But for now we want our employees to stay safe and make the most of some down time.

To help you manage your building safely during the Covid-19 outbreak please see advice from The Legionella Control Association.