About Us

Your water treatment company is there to provide peace of mind. Our team give you the confidence to know your business is compliant and safe.

We are experts in the field of water hygiene, water treatment, water regulations and legionella control. We help you safeguard health in your organisation and meet your legal requirements through management of water quality.

Clear systems and helpful people

Our team of around 30 staff are friendly, helpful, and efficient. Customers rely on the quality of our work and our ability to resolve issues quickly, without hassle. Our reliability and willingness to go the extra mile is why businesses trust us.

 Local councils

 Housing associations

 Care homes



 Leisure and hospitality

 Manufacturing and engineering

 Facilities management


Safeguard health and compliance

Water regulation is a complex environment. Strict measures are required to make sure Legionella bacteria does not pose a risk to health. Compliance can seem daunting, but our extensive range of services makes the process much easier to manage.

We help you establish an ongoing maintenance programme, including legionella risk assessmentswritten schemes of controlwater sampling & analyses, and training to enable compliance systems to be implemented accurately. To assist in resolving issues we offer remedial works and implement cleaning regimes.

Qualified plumbing engineers

We’re one of the few water treatment companies employing our own qualified plumbing engineers as well as technicians and legionella risk assessors. It is this team of specialist staff, who work together and share their knowledge, which allows us to offer a complete service and really sets us apart in this industry. If you are interested in working for us, please see our Careers page.


A water treatment company with trusted credentials

In an area as important as water quality, you need a partner that you can trust and that’s exactly what you get with Aquatrust.

We are an ISO 9001 quality accredited company, Category 1 member of the Legionella Control Association, member of the Water Management Society and have City & Guilds trained engineers, who are fully trained in all areas of Legionella control & health & safety.

BSI ISO 9001:2015


Member of the Water Management Society

Safecontractors – SAFE

Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)


Are you looking for a water treatment company to help your organisation stay safe and compliant?

Get in touch with our team to find out what water treatment services are required to keep your business compliant.