Chemical Supply

What is chemical supply for water treatment?

Chemicals can be used to treat water systems to prevent scaling, corrosion and fouling and to maintain safe Legionella levels. We can supply chemicals to allow you to treat your own systems.


Who needs to use chemicals for water treatment?

Anyone who requires chemicals for boiler water, cooling water, reverse osmosis, chlorination or disinfection needs to source them from a reputable supplier.


Your responsibilities for using chemicals for water treatment

All organisations have a responsibility to maintain safe water systems and chemical treatment is one way of doing that.


How we can help

As well as offering a range of fully managed water treatment services, we can also supply the chemicals you need to treat your own water systems. We can supply the following:

  • antifoams
  • biocides – non oxidising for industrial use
  • biocides – non oxidising algaecides for pools, spas, water features and fountains
  • biocides – oxidising
  • chlorine dioxide solutions
  • chemical cleaning treatments
  • closed circuit water chemicals
  • open cooling water treatments and cooling tower water chemicals
  • pool and leisure chemicals
  • potable water chemicals
  • steam boiler water chemicals

Our water treatment chemicals are supplied with technical and material data sheets to assist with safe application.