Every business and organisation must comply with Legionella control and maintain water regulation compliance. We have experience with helping clients across a range of sectors.

Some industries have more complex water safety requirements than others, but we have the knowledge and experience to provide advice and assessments specific to them. Some of the sectors we most commonly work with include:

Local councils

Councils and local authorities must comply with regulations in their properties, offices, and leisure facilities.

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Housing associations

Housing associations have a duty of care towards their tenants to ensure their water is safe.

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Young people are particularly vulnerable to the risk of Legionella. Schools, nurseries, and colleges must be extremely vigilant with their compliance systems.

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Care homes

The Legionella bacteria can be extremely dangerous for the elderly and sick. Care homes need to stay on top of compliance.

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Legionnaire’s disease can be fatal for people who already in poor health. Hospital patients must be protected via thorough compliance with water regulations.

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Leisure and hospitality

Legionella is spread via water vapour therefore pools, saunas, spas, and showers pose significant risk and must be managed.

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Manufacturing and engineering

Any manufacturing or engineering process that uses water either in the process itself or to control the temperature of machinery must comply with regulations.

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