Mains fed water coolers

Mains fed water coolers from Aquatrust are a great solution for commercial buildings, offering a constant supply of fresh drinking water.

Fresh drinking water

With our end-to-end service, we are able to supply, install and service mains fed water coolers in commercial buildings where a fresh supply of drinking water is required.

Water Cooler In An Office

How does it work?

We have a range of three different water coolers at varying price ranges, meaning we have something to fit most customer requirements.

Our plumbed in water coolers are fitted by our highly trained engineers. They’re fitted straight to the mains cold water supply, then the water is filtered via the cooler to ensure that it’s fit for immediate drinking and filling up water bottles.

While plumbed water dispensers are widely available on the market, often, users may have to shop around for a separate installer and servicer. The great thing about the service we provide is that we can do everything from start to finish.

Who needs a water cooler?

Our mains fed water coolers mean that people are given designated drinking points throughout their building where they’re guaranteed a fresh and constant supply of water.

Our commercial water dispensers are perfect for businesses and any places where a lot of people need drinking water. We see a lot of demand for water dispensers for schools, but they lend themselves well to all sorts of premises where people may require readily available water, including:

  • Offices
  • Leisure centres
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings

The benefits of a mains fed water cooler

There are so many great health and social benefits to having fresh drinking water available. Our systems offer:

  • Designated, accessible drinking points for staff or students
  • Filtered, hygienic water that’s suitable for drinking
  • Environmental benefits due to no waste from plastic bottles
  • Encouraging a healthier lifestyle for its users and can help make workers more productive
  • A six-monthly service contract supplied by Aquatrust. This involves us changing the filter and making sure any lines to the cooler and header tanks are cleaned and disinfected
  • A range of prices to fit most customer’s needs
  • Quick and easy, expert installation
  • Constantly available water due to being plumbed into mains. Very little upkeep required and no changing or storing extra bottles – or worrying about running out
  • Everything, from installation to servicing, is done by one company with no outsourcing or sub-contracting
  • No need to search for a new provider – we can do everything for you

Do you have any questions about our water coolers and how one could benefit you?

Get in touch with our team today and we can help you get started with a quote.