Zetasafe – water regulation compliance system

What is Zetasafe?

Zetasafe is an electronic legionella compliance system that makes the process of compliance more efficient and much easier to administer.

Why consider Zetasafe?

Zetasafe can be used by any organisation that needs to comply with legionella and water regulation compliance. Zetasafe makes the whole process of compliance much easier because it ensures that every area is covered and ensures that testing and recording is conducted in a timely manner. Because we can also access your records remotely, we can also monitor your system in a much more efficient manner, helping you manage the risks effectively.

Your responsibilities for effective record keeping

You have a duty to comply with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 as imposed by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This sets out your responsibilities in terms of the standards you must meet and how you go about managing this through risk assessment, monitoring, remedial works and management of your compliance systems. Your records can be audited at any time and an electronic system such as this ensures that everything is completed according to your on-going responsibilities.

How we can help

We offer Zetasafe as a standalone system or as part of a wider package of compliance services. Full training is provided and we are available for technical support throughout the duration of your contract.