What are Ventilation Services?

Ventilation services refers to a range of services offered to keep your ventilation systems working well and safe for people using that environment.

Who needs to use ventilation services?

Any organisation that operates a ventilation system needs to keep that system in good working order. This may be in a commercial environment such as air conditioning in an office building or shop or in an industrial setting such as in a manufacturing environment, warehouse or processing plant.

Your responsibilities with regard for ventilation systems

Ventilation systems are designed for a purpose, whether it’s to control the temperature or remove airborne particles from the atmosphere. Whether that purpose is comfort or health & safety it needs to be maintained properly for a range of reasons: an efficient system is more economic to run; it helps to maintain the integrity of the environment; it minimises the inhalation of potentially harmful substances and it creates a more pleasant working environment.

Conversely, failure to maintain a ventilation system can potentially be harmful and many believe can contribute to the spread of illnesses and so-called ‘sick building syndrome’.

How we can help

We can offer a range of maintenance and monitoring services for commercial and industrial ventilation systems. These include investigations and solutions, servicing, inspections, cleaning and filter replacement.