Thermostatic Mixer Valves

What are Thermostatic Mixer Valves?

Thermostatic Mixer Vales, or TMVs, offer scald protection by allowing hot and cold water to be blended rather than running the hot water system at a reduced temperature. While providing water at a safer temperature, the mixed water downstream of a TMV does provide an environment in which the Legionella bacteria can potentially thrive therefore this needs to be managed.


Who needs to use TMVs?

TMVs are very important for scald protection for anyone but are particularly important for the very young, such as in schools and childcare facilities, and for the elderly and infirm, such as in hospitals and care homes.


Your responsibilities for TMVs

Any premises that use TMVs must ensure that they are installed correctly and that they manage the on-going risk of Legionella.


How we can help

We can install and help manage the on-going risk of TMVs. We offer type 2 (can be overridden by the user) and type 3 TMVs (cannot be overridden by the user, suitable for healthcare premises and schools) and can advise on the appropriate type for your organisation.

Aquatrust install and help manage Thermostatic Mixer Valves (TMV's)