Remote Monitoring
by Aquatrust

Sustainable water monitoring

We’ve made it even easier to stay safe and compliant with remote water quality monitoring. We have partnered with a revolutionary IoT technology provider to enable us to carry out temperature monitoring remotely across the UK. We use real-time data to read your water temperature, allowing us to monitor the temperature of water systems remotely without the need to send someone to site. It is the safe, straightforward and sustainable way to protect your water systems.

Ensuring water safety, remotely and sustainably

Are you wondering why you should choose a remote water quality monitoring system over manual, labour intensive monitoring? There are many great benefits to remote water monitoring:

It removes common access issues which can cause non-compliances. Our customers can meet compliance requirements automatically without the need to book in a site visit.

It means better compliance for our customers as we can monitor assets 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

It removes the need for unnecessary flushing of outlets and the resulting wastage of water. Switching to remote monitoring means up to 20 litres of water per outlet per month can be saved.


It is sustainable and reduces carbon emissions. Reduced travel for Aquatrust engineers to sites across the UK is kinder to the environment

It saves time, so we’re able to help more customers more quickly.

It is non-invasive, simple to install and set up, and works through a low-cost subscription model.

It is a long-lasting temperature monitoring solution. The system has a long-life powered lithium battery, which can last up to ten years.

At Aquatrust, we have carried out extensive trialling and testing of different types of equipment that will enable us to offer an effective remote monitoring service. That means the hardware we use is extremely accurate and reliable.

What is remote water temperature monitoring?

Remote water quality monitoring is the process of monitoring and controlling a water system electronically. This means it can be carried out from our base without the need to send an engineer to site.


Who needs remote monitoring?

Any business that needs to monitor their water temperature would benefit from remote monitoring. Our remote water quality monitoring service is beneficial to facilities managers and business managers in a number of industries. This includes:

  • Local councils
  • Housing associations
  • Care facilities
  • Day nurseries
  • NHS sites including eye clinics
  • Educational facilities and schools

How can remote sensing be used for water quality monitoring?

We install sensors at a site where assets are identified that require monitoring. Then, up to three temperatures can be taken from each sensor, via probes that are attached to the pipework.

The probes capture temperatures every 30 seconds. They then transmit the data via a gateway to our portal at 15-minute intervals. This provides us with accurate, up-to-date data about a water system without needing to travel to a customer’s site.

How much does remote water monitoring cost?

The pricing structure for remote water monitoring includes a low cost, monthly unit subscription for each device. There is also an initial installation fee which includes the Gateway required for each site.

Additionally, there may be an annual consultancy fee that covers ongoing advice from our experts and further recommendations on compliance. Please get in touch if you’d like more details on pricing.

Do you have any questions about remote monitoring and how it can benefit you? Get in touch with our team today and we can guide you through the process.