Legionella testing for manufacturers

Protect people and stay compliant
with water safety measures

Are you a manufacturing or engineering company relying on plant machinery for everyday operations? Do you use water and water vapour to keep machinery cool? This is how Legionnaire’s disease is contracted if the water is not safe.

Legionella testing for manufacturers and engineering firms using water and water spray as part of operations is essential.

Industries have an obligation to ensure they comply with water safety regulations and the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 as imposed by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

The importance of Legionella testing for manufacturers and engineering firms

Legionella poses a health risk to people wherever there’s water and water spray present. Cleaning facilities, water tanks, drinking water, and process water are all instances where Legionella testing is needed to regulate Legionella bacteria and keep it at a safe level.


Maintaining water regulation and compliance

Monitoring and maintaining water safety is a continuous process. The correct safety measures need to be assessed by a trained engineer and regularly re-evaluated.

The process to compliance starts with a site survey by our water safety engineer. Alongside Legionella risk assessments, they may recommend other services such as cleaning and disinfection, ventilation services, chemical supply and Legionella monitoring.

Case Study: Forterra Building Products

Forterra Building Products Ltd is a leading manufacturer of bricks, blocks, chimney, roofing products. A large amount of dust is created during the manufacturing process.

We oversee Forterra’s Legionella monitoring and ventilation system. Installing the system included a thorough clean, requiring 3 people for 4 days. The system is significantly more efficient, creating a cleaner and safer production environment which allows for the recycling of by-products.

“The job went really well: Aquatrust was very helpful, and the engineers were always punctual and hard working. We were very pleased with it and will be working with Aquatrust again in the future.”

Graham Longhorn
Works Manager

Get year-round protection

A Legionella outbreak has a detrimental impact on a business. First and foremost, the health of your staff is put at risk. Your company is likely to incur substantial fines and there will be downtime while the issues are resolved. There is reputational damage to consider too.

To be confident that the water hygiene company you are using can protect your business, they need to have the professional accreditations. Established since 2003, we have the team and experience to cover all your Legionella control measures.

With a wide range of water compliance services, we provide regulation compliance and monitoring. We manage Legionella testing for manufacturers and engineers and our monitoring services make compliance easy, with real time view of testing and protocols.


Who is responsible for Legionella testing?

Manufacturers and engineering firms need to conduct regular Legionella risk assessments including water testing. The person responsible is one of:

  • the employer, where the risk from their undertaking is to their employees or others
  • a self-employed person, where there is a risk from their undertaking to themselves or others
  • the person in control of premises or systems in connection with work, where there is a risk from systems in the building e.g. where a building is let to tenants and the landlord keeps responsibility for its maintenance.

Premises that have hot and cold-water systems, cooling systems, water tanks, or plant that contain water all carry reasonable risk of Legionella.

Do you have a question about Legionella testing for manufacturers and other industries? Get in touch with our team and we’ll arrange a consultation.