Case Study:
Forterra Building Products Ltd


Client: Forterra Building Products Ltd
Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering
Service(s) engaged: Legionella risk assessment, Clean & Disinfection, Ventilation Services

Project Outline

Forterra Building Products Ltd is a leading manufacturer of construction products including bricks, blocks and chimney, roofing and flue systems. Production of these products requires a good ventilation system due to the amount of dust created during the manufacturing process.


Having overseen Forterra’s legionella monitoring for a while, the company decided to engage us to give its ventilation system a thorough clean as production re-started following a period of closure. It was necessary  to insert doors into the system in order to access it. The clean was an extensive job, requiring 3 people for 4 days. The results were well worth it; the system is now significantly more efficient, creating a much cleaner and safer production environment and allowing for more effective recycling of by-products of the manufacturing process.


“The job went really well: Aquatrust was very helpful and the engineers were always punctual and hard working. We were very pleased with it and will be working with Aquatrust again in the future.”

Graham Longhorn
Works Manager

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