Your water safety and compliance partner

Get peace of mind that your business is safe and compliant when it comes to water and air safety, Legionella control, and Legionella regulation. Protect your business and its people against outbreaks of ill health with water hygiene monitoring.

We are experts in the field of water hygiene and safety, including water treatment, water regulations and Legionella control. Our team give you the confidence to know your business is protected. We make the process easy and manageable.

“We have used Aquatrust for over 10 years to manage the common area water supply and storage in a number of the blocks of flats that we manage. As our business has grown, we have always relied on Aquatrust for routine maintenance checks and recommendations.

“They offer a service that provides one less worry. When you come across a contractor that actually does what they say they are going to do, and over a long period, you tend to want to hold onto them.”

William Marshall, Director, Adair Paxton Chartered Surveyors

Why choose us?

Qualified experts

Unlike other companies, we employ our own qualified plumbing engineers, technicians, and Legionella risk assessors. We never outsource work and you deal with accountable and trained professionals.

Full-service company

We provide Legionella Risk Assessments, but more than this, we offer the full range of water and air safety services your business needs to stay safe and compliant. See all the water treatment and Legionella control services we provide.

Accredited quality

We are an ISO 9001 quality certified company, Category 1 member of the Legionella Control Association, members of the Water Management Society and have City & Guilds trained engineers, specialised in Legionella control and health and safety.


Efficient processes

We use a service management database to coordinate jobs and engineers. Our Legionella monitoring service enables you to check your compliance in real time. We provide you with reminders and we have a friendly customer team for you to speak to.


We help you comply with regulations and manage our own compliance systems, staying on top of regulation changes. Working with us takes the pressure away from you as you know we are there to prompt and help you maintain compliance.

“I was introduced to Aquatrust by a client and was so impressed by their professionalism, prompt service, and helpfulness I now use them on a regular basis. I would recommend their services and the Legionella training as this was most enlightening.”

Sally Dickinson, Service Co-ordinator, Robinsons Facilities Services

Are you looking for a water treatment company to partner with? Get in touch with our team to find out what services are right for your business.