Remedial Works

What are remedial works?

Remedial works for water systems means conducting corrective or improvement works to deal with issues and bring it up to the standards required.


Who needs to consider remedial works for water systems?

Any business or organisation with a water system could potentially require some remedial works. These would usually be identified during a risk assessment or during the course of regular monitoring processes. They would of course be required following any kind of outbreak of legionellosis.


Your responsibilities for remedial works

You have a responsibility to ensure that your water system remains clean, complying with Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 and Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2010. If an inspection determines that it is not, or that there is a reasonable foreseeable risk, then remedial works must be carried out.


How we can help

We are one of the few water treatment companies that employ our own team of plumbing specialists and engineers that can carry out remedial works to make water systems safe. Using our own staff, ensures that they work to our exacting standards, hand in hand with other our engineers, offering much more of a streamlined service.

We offer the following remedial works services:

  • conversion of stored water systems to mains water supply
  • removal of all types of cold water storage tanks
  • refurbishment of cold water storage tanks
  • installation of one piece and sectional cold water storage tanks
  • installation of unvented water heaters
  • upgrade of water systems to meet with the Water Regulations and ACoP L8
  • removal of “dead-end” and “dead-leg” pipework
  • labelling of water outlets, plant and pipework
  • installation of temperature monitoring equipment
  • installation and servicing of thermostatic mixer valves (TMV)
  • cooling tower refurbishment
  • water regulation compliance
Water System Remedial Works