How we Work

In our opinion, it’s not just WHAT we do as a business that’s important but HOW we do it. The ‘how’ encompasses the service and attention to detail that we provide to our clients and the efficiency and professionalism in the way we conduct our business.


We pride ourselves in the service that we offer to clients. Ranging from doing an accurate, thorough job to timely reminders to free advice and consultancy, we know that it is the service levels that sets any company apart from its competitors and so we give it our utmost priority.


You have to be on top of your compliance systems so, as your compliance partner, we need to be even better than you. We operate in a professional, efficient manner by having our own in house systems to ensure everything runs smoothly. We use Job Logic, a service management database that enables us to coordinate jobs and engineers and ensure that all clients are serviced properly and we also have a friendly, experienced internal customer relations team to add a much needed human element.


In this sector, responsibility and compliance are paramount. As well as helping you comply with regulations, we work hard to make sure our own compliance systems are in place. We have achieved a range of accreditations, including being a full member of the Legionella Control Association. Our engineers are highly qualified and up to date on all health & safety training requirements.