Legionella Risk Assessment

What is Legionella Risk Assessment?

The Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 states that a suitable and sufficient Legionella Risk Assessment must be carried out to identify and assess the risk of exposure from water systems on your premises.


Who needs to conduct a Legionella Risk Assessment?

All businesses and organisations need to conduct a regular risk assessment. The ‘duty holder’ is responsible for making sure the risk assessment is carried out. This will usually be one of the following:

  • the employer, where the risk from their undertaking is to their employees or others;
  • a self-employed person, where there is a risk from their undertaking to themselves or others;
  • the person who is in control of premises or systems in connection with work, where there is a risk from systems in the building, e.g. where a building is let to tenants, but where the landlord keeps responsibility for its maintenance.

Premises that have hot and cold water systems, cooling systems, showers spa pools, or plant that contain water all carry reasonable risk of Legionella.


Your responsibilities for Legionella Risk Assessment

You must ensure the risk assessment identifies and evaluates potential sources of risk. The risk assessment must be reviewed regularly and specifically when there is reason to believe that the original risk assessment may no longer be valid.


How we can help

Our risk assessments are carried out by City & Guilds qualified engineers.  A detailed survey is conducted of your premises including tests, measurements and various checks. The results are then presented in a formal document that includes:

  • the results of the risk assessment
  • recommended remedial works
  • the scope of the assessment
  • identification of key people
  • key risks
  • written scheme of control
  • schematic drawing
  • log book, including record keeping reports

Our risk assessment is offered as a standalone service or we can offer a range of complementary services including Legionella monitoring, remedial works, clean & disinfection and our electronic management system, Zetasafe.

Our legionella risk assessments are carried out in-line with ACoP L8, BS: 8580 & HTM 04-01.