Legionella Monitoring

What is Legionella Monitoring?

Legionella monitoring is all about the on-going control of the risks of Legionella and the system you use to record the outcomes of these measures.


Who needs to conduct Legionella Monitoring?

Following the completion of a Legionella risk assessment, a written scheme of control should be put in place by all businesses and organisations to manage any foreseeable risks which may be present.


Your responsibilities for Legionella Monitoring

Your monitoring scheme must show the measures that you have put in place to control the risks identified in the risk assessment and record the ongoing implementation of this plan. This scheme of control should include key information such as an up-to-date plan of the water system, a description of the safe operation of the water system, the necessary precautions to be taken, the tasks to be performed, the frequency of these tasks and the person responsible for performing them and the remedial action that should be taken should these measures not produce the desired outcomes.


How we can help

We can help with all aspects of Legionella monitoring including developing written schemes of control, devising the most effective measures for controlling your risk, ongoing delivery of these measures including testing, inspections, servicing etc, water sampling, water treatment, auditing and consultancy. We can help with log keeping via our risk assessment and log book document or our electronic management system.