Legionella testing
for hospitals

Protect patients, staff, and your reputation 

Hospitals and healthcare environments must be especially vigilant about safe water and Legionella control. People in poor health have increased vulnerability to Legionnaire’s disease should they come into contract with harmful level of Legionella bacteria.

Due to the scale of most hospitals and the number of people occupying them, Legionella control and water regulation compliance must be an on-going, continuous process. You need the support of contractor that you trust to manage the process for you.

Get effective Legionella monitoring

We help with all measures for Legionella control, Legionella monitoring and water regulation compliance in care homes. We have experience working in healthcare environments to ensure safe water systems, including Legionella testing for care homes.

You must comply with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 as imposed by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. We help you meet regulations with the safety measures right for your hospital. We also install and maintain water safety aids including Thermostatic Mixer Valves (TMVs) to regulate water temperature.


Your trusted compliance partner

Water safety is not something to delay or try and manage yourself. We have been delivering water safety systems to complex organisations since 2003. Our team have the required training, skills, and accreditations to make compliance easy for you.

We help you establish an ongoing maintenance programme, including legionella risk assessmentswritten schemes of control, and Legionella monitoring to enable compliance. Our team of qualified plumbing engineers, technicians and Legionella risk assessors carry out regular checks with minimal input required from you.

Safeguard your hospital

Get on top of your water safety and compliance today. Contact us and our customer care team will talk to you about the next steps.

Do you have a question about Legionella testing for hospitals? Get in touch with our team and we’ll arrange a site survey.