Following the most recent update from government ministers we are communicating our latest advice and guidance.

Client Advice

  • If your building remains occupied there is still a need to ensure the water services within it operate safely to prevent any risk to people these systems.
  • Some water systems may now be operating at a reduced level and further control measures may need to be implemented. The measures could include: 
    • isolating and draining down water systems
    • reducing water storage capacity
    • frequent flushing of outlets to keep water moving;
    • shut-down-start-up procedures
  • If systems are left isolated for long periods of time additional control measures will need to be considered before re-introducing these systems into service. These measure may include;
    • Chemical disinfection
    • Pasteurisation
    • Re-commissioning
  • Our advice is to keep water systems operating if possible. Here is some basic advice for operation of water systems when using temperature as a means to control legionella bacteria.
    • Keep water systems clean and keep the water moving;
    • Avoid stagnation
    • Hot water should be stored at 60°C
    • Cold water should be kept below 20°C
    • Water systems or outlets that are not in regular use should be regularly flushed (taking care that the person carrying out this work does not inhale contaminated aerosols)
    • De-scale, clean and sanitise shower heads and hoses on a regular basis

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