Case Study:
Hyndburn Leisure

Client: Hyndburn Leisure
Sector: Leisure complex, Accrington
Service(s) engaged: Legionella risk assessment and management

Project Outline

Hyndburn Leisure Complex is the largest leisure facility in the Accrington area and includes a swimming pool, gym, sauna & steam room, hair & beauty salon and spa. These types of facilities mean that managing the risk of legionella is of paramount importance.


Hyndburn Leisure recognised its responsibilities to keep its clients and staff safe from legionella, particularly with regard to its swimming pool and domestic water system; both being key areas of risk. They set a range of criteria for the company that would be tasked with managing compliance for them including that:

  • It be a member of the LCA
  • Could produce a risk assessment to BS8580 standard
  • Had an Electronic monitoring system accessible anywhere with internet access
  • Could carry out tasks within the time restraints laid out in the HSG 274 on time, every time
  • Was skilled and qualified in water treatment
  • Could allocate an account manager as its first point of call
  • Could provide any necessary training and advice when required

Aquatrust was deemed to more than meet these criteria and was engaged to deliver legionella control services including its Zetasafe electronic management system.


“We have always recognised the need to comply with health & safety legislation in order to keep attendees to our complex safe, whether visitors, employees or the general public. Aquatrust fulfilled all our specified criteria and we are more than happy to recommend this professional and friendly water regulation management company.”

Fraser Yates
Safety, Property & ITC Manager

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