Legionella testing for facilities management companies

Protect people and stay compliant with water
safety regulations

It is extremely important for facilities management companies to stay on top of water safety in their properties. When you have buildings and facilities to manage, you have a duty or care and a legal responsibility to the health and safety of the people using them.

Legionella testing for facilities management companies prevents Legionella reaching unsafe levels without detection. Water containing unsafe levels of Legionella presents a risk to those exposed. Older people, the very young, or those in poor health are most at risk.

The importance of Legionella testing for facilities management companies

Legionella poses a health risk to people wherever there’s a water system, particularly where water spray is present. Cleaning facilities, washing facilities, drinking water, pools, showers and spas are some of the places where Legionella testing is most important.


Get year-round protection

Monitoring and maintaining water safety is a continuous process. The correct safety measures need to be in place all year round.

Facilities managers need to be confident that the water hygiene company they use is capable of undertaking work on this scale and has all the professional accreditations. We have been helping facilities management companies remain safe since 2003, offering a wide range of water compliance services to provide regulation compliance.

Established since 2003, we have the team and experience to cover all your Legionella control measures and manage Legionella testing for local authorities. Our monitoring services make staying on top of your compliance easy, with real time sight of testing.

Who is responsible for Legionella testing?

Facilities management companies need to conduct a regular risk assessment including water testing. The ‘duty holder’ is responsible for making sure the risk assessment is arranged and carried out. The person responsible may be:

  • the employer, where the risk from their undertaking is to their employees or others
  • a self-employed person, where there is a risk from their undertaking to themselves or others
  • the person in control of premises or systems in connection with work, where there is a risk from systems in the building e.g. where a building is let to tenants and the landlord keeps responsibility for its maintenance.

Premises that have hot and cold-water systems, cooling systems, showers spa pools, or plant that contain water all carry reasonable risk of Legionella.

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