As a business owner or facilities manager, ensuring safe water for your staff, customers and the general public should be a top priority. However for decades, controlling Legionella has been a reactive process, relying on manual checks and regular on-site assessments. The good news is that advancements in Legionella control have made it easier than ever for businesses to stay compliant and protect their premises. Technologies like remote water monitoring are helping to revolutionise Legionella control by providing real-time insights into water without the need for on-site visits – marking an exciting shift towards more modern and proactive water management.

The challenges of traditional Legionella control

Historically, controlling Legionella has relied on manual water testing and on-site inspections. While crucial, and still a reliable way to control the risks for many businesses, these methods can have some limitations:

  • Traditional Legionella testing provides just a snapshot of your water quality at the time it is tested
  • It can be labour-intensive and sometimes disruptive to operations
  • Water can be wasted through regular outlet flushing
  • There is often a larger carbon footprint involved due to engineer travel

With regulations always getting stricter, we’ve found that many businesses need a more efficient way to manage their Legionella risk, both proactively and sustainably.

The power of remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is perhaps the most impactful advancement in Legionella control. This game-changing modern solution uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to track water temperatures 24/7 – which means no more waiting for scheduled site visits. This new technology is a huge leap forward in Legionella control. IoT sensors are equipped with very precise measurement capabilities, so we get constant, accurate data.

Here’s how remote monitoring by Aquatrust works:

  1. We visit your site and install temperature sensors on your pipework
  2. The sensors capture readings every 30 seconds
  3. Data from the readings is transmitted securely to our team
  4. We can analyse this data in real-time to ensure your compliance

The benefits of remote monitoring for modern businesses are huge. It means we have constant visibility over your water safety so we can flag any potential Legionella issues early before they become bigger problems. Not only that, it also offers big reductions in water wastage and carbon emissions from fewer site visits. You get improved peace of mind knowing your systems are being continuously monitored and managed by a team of experts, so you can focus on your business’s operations with complete confidence.

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Bringing water safety into the future

Remote monitoring represents huge strides in the water treatment industry, but is it just the start? New and emerging technologies like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) could open up even more possibilities that will help businesses like Aquatrust forecast Legionella risks before they occur.

AI is a major focus for many businesses looking to boost their efficiency. While much of the conversation about AI has so far been focused on creative fields, its potential to improve water management shouldn’t be overlooked. AI could help in some stand-out ways:

  • Predictive analytics means water treatment businesses could be able to forecast conditions where Legionella is a risk, days or even weeks in advance. AI models could analyse temperature data from water heaters and pipes to predict when temperatures would enter levels that could lead to Legionella bacteria growth.
  • AI could detect anomalies or inefficiencies in water systems through pattern recognition. Currently, human experts manually analyse data to identify any issues. Because AI excels at analysing very large amounts of data, it could speed up this work.

As new technologies like AI continue to emerge, we’ll be keeping a close eye on any developments and how they could be used to improve both our processes and services. As always, our top priority is ensuring Aquatrust customers receive the most comprehensive, expert-guided water treatment and control solutions. Any new technologies we explore – like remote monitoring – will be to enhance our services rather than replace them.

The future of Legionella control is set to become more intelligent, proactive and sustainable – which is great news for businesses and water treatment companies alike. By harnessing the power of emerging technologies, businesses can achieve the best possible levels of water safety and compliance. As industry leaders, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of any new advancements. Our top priority is to ensure our clients have access to the latest and most effective solutions for protecting their water systems and safeguarding public health.

Behind the scenes, we’re always working to improve our processes and harness any new technologies that will benefit our customers. As more experts in the field push for advancements that will speed up and improve water testing and control, there’s potential for some exciting new changes on the horizon – ensuring a safer and more sustainable future for everyone.

Do you need help managing your water treatment and Legionella compliance? Reach out to our team of water safety experts today. We’ll guide you through the solutions we can offer to ensure your business has a proactive, efficient water management strategy.