Remote Monitoring Explained

At Aquatrust, we know that many modern businesses have a lot of complicated tasks to juggle, and we don’t think that water management should be one of them. That’s why we’re here to be your trusted water safety partner, taking the hard work out of your water management so you can relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

This year we were delighted to launch Remote Monitoring by Aquatrust, our state-of-the-art solution that makes water management even more efficient. Using innovative IoT technology, we’ve created a service that ensures our client’s water safety and offers peace of mind – all completely remotely.

Today, we’re looking closer at all things Remote Monitoring, giving a handy run-down of exactly what is and who it benefits, as well as answering some of the most commonly asked questions around the service.

What is Remote Water Monitoring?

Remote water monitoring is an advanced technology that allows us to check water temperature from our base in Yorkshire. Instead of relying on manual checks and in-person visits, the innovative technology provides us with real-time insights into our customer’s water systems.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Smart sensors: We install IoT devices called probes directly on the pipework associated with your water system. The probes are smart sensors that measure the temperature of your water and capture data every 30 seconds.
  2. Real-time data: The probes send the captured data to our portal, via a gateway, at 20-minute intervals. It’s then ready for immediate analysis by our expert team, whenever needed.
  3. Continuous monitoring: Unlike manual methods that only show a one-time snapshot of your water quality, Remote Water Monitoring means we have an almost constant stream of data, helping us keep you safe and compliant.

Remote Water Monitoring simplifies the whole monitoring process, resulting in a more accurate, efficient and proactive approach to water safety management. It’s also a great way to enhance your sustainable practices – find out more.

What are the benefits of Remote Water Monitoring?

Remote Water Monitoring is a streamlined solution designed to reshape how we all approach water safety, and it has so many fantastic benefits. Some of the benefits of Remote Water Monitoring include real-time insights about your water, a reduced environmental impact and reduced water wastage. Here’s more:

  • Access data immediately, with no need for manual checks
  • Constant data streams so we can make data-driven decisions
  • Water savings (which translate to cost savings for your business), thanks to reducing flushing of outlets
  • Minimised travel around the UK meaning a lower carbon footprint for our engineers
  • Sustainable and contributes towards a greener future.
  • Non-invasive and hassle-free. Our systems come with powerful lithium batteries that can last up to ten years.

So who can benefit from remote monitoring? Remote water monitoring is something that can be utilised by many different industries. We’ve found it helps facilities managers and business managers streamline their operations, ensure compliance and manage their facilities and businesses proactively. It’s especially great for local councils, housing associations, care facilities, nurseries, NHS sites and schools.

What types of parameters can be monitored remotely?

Remote Monitoring systems are used in many different industries and for a host of unique purposes. Any specific parameters depend entirely on the equipment used and what it’s needed for. In the case of Remote Water Monitoring, the parameter we’re most interested in focussing on is water temperature.

Water temperature plays a critical role in your water compliance. Being able to monitor water temperature in real time helps us ensure your business is complying with health and safety regulations. Without even visiting your site, we’re able to look for conditions where Legionella could thrive, optimise your system’s efficiency, and detect any issues early – then intervene before they escalate.

How do I choose a Remote Water Monitoring system?

If you already think that remote water monitoring is right for you, you might be wondering how to choose a remote water monitoring system. Selecting both the right remote monitoring system and the right company to partner with is important for maintaining good water safety and compliance. Here are some key things you could consider:

  • Compatibility – The system you choose needs to work with your existing water system and technology.
  • Accuracy – Always prioritise systems that guarantee accurate, reliable data. This helps you make informed decisions about your water safety.
  • Ease of use – Choose a system that’s easy to install and won’t offer disruptions to your operations.
  • Real-time monitoring – Go for a system that offers real-time monitoring so issues can quickly be identified and addressed.
  • Cost – It’s always a good idea to evaluate overall costs, including installation, subscription and any additional charges (like potential consultancy fees).
  • Sustainability – Choose a system that aligns with your business’s sustainability goals and minimises environmental impact.

Can I install a Remote Water Monitoring system myself?

Professional installation is required for remote water monitoring systems. Engineers need to strategically place sensors in your water system to make sure data is accurate. While professional set-up is needed initially, after this the system is designed to work seamlessly and without intervention, making it user-friendly and accessible.

What is the cost of remote water monitoring?

Remote Monitoring by Aquatrust runs on a low-cost monthly subscription, which we’re happy to chat through with you. There is an installation fee for the set-up of the service, which includes the Gateway and sensors required for each site. There may also be annual consultancy fees which cover ongoing advice from our experts. For a full breakdown, please get in touch.

How can I learn more about remote water monitoring?

If you’re interested in learning more about remote water monitoring and how it could help your business, you’re in the right place. Here’s a handful of great resources for further reading:

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We hope this provided some valuable insights into remote water monitoring and how it can help your business transform your water management. If you’d like more information on the service or you’d like to get started with remote water monitoring for your business, please get in touch. Our friendly team can chat you through everything involved and answer any questions you have.