In an era when improved efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important for businesses, embracing innovative solutions is key for staying ahead. At Aquatrust, we know that modern businesses have a huge list of demanding tasks to worry about – that’s why we want to make things easier when it comes to water management.

Introducing our new remote water monitoring service, a pioneering solution that allows us to monitor water quality 24/7, remotely. Using advanced technology, and with an environmentally-conscious approach, the service eliminates the need for manual temperature monitoring and enables real-time insights. The benefits of this are huge, from enhancing efficiency and reducing costs to contributing to a greener future.

Today, we’re delving a little closer into the many advantages of remote water monitoring and how businesses up and down the UK can benefit from this new, sustainable service.

What is remote water monitoring?

Firstly, what exactly is remote water monitoring? Remote water monitoring uses modern technology to offer an efficient, accurate and real-time way of monitoring the temperature of water systems. Traditionally, water monitoring is carried out on-site in a manual and labour-intensive way, with engineers visiting a customer site to physically monitor water.

Our new remote water monitoring technology means we can monitor a business’s water temperature from our base in Yorkshire. Our technology uses IoT sensors to capture water temperature every 30 seconds, providing us with accurate, up-to-date information about a water system without us needing to physically travel to a customer’s site.


What are the environmental benefits of remote water monitoring?

Remote water monitoring offers a greener approach to monitoring your water systems, making it a great choice if your business is interested in adopting a more sustainable approach. Here’s more about the benefits, and why switching to remote water monitoring helps contribute to a more environmentally-conscious future.

Saving water and reducing costs

Remote water monitoring removes the need for unnecessary flushing of outlets and the resulting wastage of water. This can offer customers incredible savings in both costs and water usage. When we calculated the water savings for one Aquatrust client, we found that switching to remote water monitoring saved them on average 161,502 litres of water a year – which is around £1,615 a year in cost savings.

Reduced carbon emissions

One of the notable benefits of remote water monitoring is the significant reduction in the carbon emissions associated with travelling to site. Traditionally, engineers have to travel extensively between various customer locations, consuming fossil fuels and contributing to emissions. With remote monitoring, travel for engineers is minimised or eliminated entirely, making it much kinder to the environment.

Data-driven decision making

By supplying a real-time stream of data, remote water monitoring helps us get comprehensive insights into our customer’s water systems. We can analyse this data in order to optimise water usage and identify inefficiencies. Being able to control a system electronically helps us stay on top of our customers’ water quality and can help prevent costly works.

Increase efficiency with real-time insights

While remote water monitoring is a great choice for those looking to reap sustainable benefits, there are many other excellent reasons your business should consider going remote.

• It is easy and straightforward. You don’t have to worry about access issues or letting an engineer on site; the work is carried out remotely, so you can meet compliance requirements automatically without the need to book in a site visit.

• It reduces the chance of human error and means better compliance, as we can monitor assets 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

• It saves time, so we’re able to help more businesses more quickly.

• It is non-invasive, simple to install and cost-effective. The service works through a low-cost subscription model and an initial installation fee.

• It helps streamline your water treatment services, so you have one less thing to worry about.

• It is a long-lasting temperature monitoring solution. Our systems come with a long-life powered lithium battery which can last your business up to ten years.

Remote water monitoring by Aquatrust offers a simple and sustainable solution. We hope this article provided some valuable insights into the many benefits of remote water monitoring and how it can help your business transform your water management.

If you’d like more information on the service or want to get started with remote water monitoring for your business, our friendly team can talk you through the process. Please get in touch to find out more.