Enhancing sustainability with remote water monitoring

Find out why switching to remote water monitoring by Aquatrust is a sustainable and efficient choice for your business.

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Celebrating 20 years of Aquatrust

To celebrate 20 years in business, we discussed the highlights of the past two decades and what the future holds with Aquatrust’s Managing Director Gary and Sales Director Paul.

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Our Legionella Control Association membership

Find out more about Aquatrust’s membership with the Legionella Control Association and how it helps us work towards a prescribed code of conduct.

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Closed System Analysis: Q&A  

We can help monitor your closed systems with analysis and maintenance. Find out more about the Closed System Analysis service and how it works. 

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Our partnership with Sunflowers Kids Club

We are supporting Sunflowers Kids Club by sponsoring a child affected by the war in Ukraine. Find out more about the important work Sunflowers in York do.

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Where can I get water tested?

Get all the information you need about where and how to get your water tested. Keep on top of your water safety and stay compliant.

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Meet Mark – Technical Director and our compliance expert

Hear from Mark, our Technical Director and our compliance expert. Find out what advice he has for businesses on water safety.

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Legionella testing for dental practices – what’s required?

Find out what is required with Legionella testing for dental practices. Arrange your water safety checks and stay compliant.

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How to get a Legionella risk assessment – the process

Here’s how the process works for getting a Legionella risk assessment at your organisation. Arrange yours and stay compliant.

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"Businesses warned of Legionnaires' disease in the water supply when offices re open after lengthy lockdown closure. Companies should take steps to mitigate risk prior to reopening by flushing through stare systems and tanks, says environmental health body"   .....this is a message we are keen to get across to as many businesses as possible [...]

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COVID-19 UPDATE 12.06.20

As we begin to resume full services we expect an increased volume in demand for our disinfection services of water systems, as such we may be unable to meet the desired dates that you may require. We understand many companies and schools are re-opening buildings that have been closed for a period of time due [...]

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As we are all aware Covid-19 is highly contagious, has the ability to live on surfaces for 3 days. Only a complete disinfection of all surfaces will ensure that you can safely reoccupy your premise, work environment, school, building etc. Whether your premise is open or you are planning to reopen we fully understand that [...]

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Aquatrust are pleased to announce that we are now expanding into the hydration sector.  Introducing mains fed water coolers and the Pro Stream Boiling and chilled Tap to our services. Mains Fed Water Coolers It is a well known fact that people today are drinking a lot more water, pursuing healthier lifestyles and have increasing [...]

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