As we begin to resume full services we expect an increased volume in demand for our disinfection services of water systems, as such we may be unable to meet the desired dates that you may require. We understand many companies and schools are re-opening buildings that have been closed for a period of time due to COVID-19, subsequently resulting in water systems stagnating and posing an increased risk to legionella and other bacteria.

The decision to re-open your building is your own responsibility and as such, the decision to have a disinfection of your water services is best practise in line with guidance documents. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, you may still not be experiencing full demand on your system and/or have had reduced turnover through this current COVID-19 period.

Our recommendation is that in the interim; flushing your system and keeping both your domestic hot and cold-water services operating at complaint temperatures and circulating is sufficient until the disinfection can take place. You may also wish to consider avoiding drinking water from your system until the disinfection has taken place, therefore consideration may be given to providing drinking water bottles until this point.

All water outlets should be used at least once a week, if there are areas of your site(s) that will not be used, these outlets should be flushed and actions recorded, signed and dated accordingly in your own documentation or your legionella risk assessment.

We can provide further information including a method statement and what health and safety precautions to take when flushing infrequently used outlets. This will be sufficient until we are able to carry out the disinfection in August/September time. The disinfection should be arranged to be carried out as close to the date you plan to re-open back to full capacity – September term time. 

If you could advise of any dates for the disinfection during August/September, I can look to have this scheduled as soon as possible to avoid any further delay. 

Keep your water systems turning over and keep your water systems within the complaint temperatures parameters.


Kind Regards

Aquatrust Management Team