As we are all aware Covid-19 is highly contagious, has the ability to live on surfaces for 3 days. Only a complete disinfection of all surfaces will ensure that you can safely reoccupy your premise, work environment, school, building etc.

Whether your premise is open or you are planning to reopen we fully understand that this is already a very challenging time and so we are offering a Surface Disinfection Service.  

This service includes complete surface coverage of your premises using Sanisol S010, (Hydrogen Peroxide) an extra strong surface disinfectant. For internal areas this includes tiny drops of Sanisol S010 being fogged and distributed in the air to successfully shock disinfect highly polluted surfaces. 

This is not only a very time saving treatment of entire rooms and facilities but it also disinfects areas which would otherwise be inaccessible such as corners and cracks.

Attending a site our team will wear full PPE to protect ourselves and our customers. 

If your premise has had a suspected case of the virus, we would ask you please inform us prior to making cleaning arrangements so that our team can be properly protected. 

Contact us today on 01274 876700 for further information and to book your appointment.